This project was done together with @pixelflakesldn where we got to work with a real previous project of theirs, located in Huddersfield in the UK. For this project called Kirklees culture heart we got to take part of all the materials provided by the client. This included Revit models and documents with information such as materials, landscape and concepts for the different buildings.
The reason behind the project was to give Huddersfield new life and draw more people into the city. I choose to focus on the food hall and the big square in front of it. The big square area gave me the opportunity to practice my skills in Photoshop and put a lot of thinking into a concept that would make the square feel alive. My idea was to create a food market in front of the food hall with food trucks, bringing people together trying lovely food on a late summer evening.
Project lenght: 3 weeks  I  Software used: 3ds Max, Vray, Photoshop, Revit 
Final result 
Postproduktion process 
Displayed below is the step-by-step procedure and a breakdown of transforming the initial render into a polished image, with the aid of Photoshop. Throughout this project I have gained a lot of new knowledge in Photoshop and looking forward to do this further. 
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